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Translation is the most frequently ordered service by our Clients. Thousands of pages are translated every day around the world. Translation brings different cultures closer, brings people together, and facilitates the global reach of many products and services.

Professional translation begins by understanding the meaning of the source text, then creating the corresponding content in the target language.

Our translators not only have a thorough understanding of the source language but also have an outstanding insight into the culture of the countries of both source and target languages. And what is most important, they have a perfect command of the target language. The major proportion of our translators are Native Speakers of the languages into which they translate.

Certified translations

Some documents, especially those translated for submission to offices need to be certified by a sworn translator. We cooperate with the best sworn translators in Poland, who translate for our clients all documents which require certification. Translations may be collected in person from our office, or we can deliver them to you via courier or Poczta Polska.

Examples of certified documents:
Company registrations documents
Powers of attorney

Specialised translations

Among the business documents we translate for our Clients, a large proportion are specialised documents, requiring knowledge and experience in translating texts from various fields. Our translators are experienced professionals who specialise in particular industries. When entrusting us with texts for translation, our Clients can be sure that they will be given to specialists who, apart from a perfect command of the source and target languages, perfectly understand the subject matter of the translated texts. As a result, our Clients receive texts which are correct in terms of both language and content.

Examples of specialised documents:
Descriptions of medical equipment
Software applications
Operation manuals
Financial statements
Tender documents
O&M manuals
Descriptions of agricultural machinery

Translations for publication

A significant proportion of the business documents entrusted to us for translation are texts which our Clients distribute in both electronic and paper forms. These texts are of a showcase, advertising, and marketing nature. Their task is to reach specific recipients and to interest them in the products or services described. Such texts are characterised by impeccable care for linguistic and stylistic correctness. In this case, not only the content-related correctness of the translation is important, but also the appropriate style and one-hundred-percent linguistic correctness. In the case of texts for publication, we always provide our Clients with proofreading by a Native Speaker of the target language. Only fluency, a sense of language, and matching your content to the cultural context by a Native Speaker of the language can ensure that the translated text is perceived as natural.

Texts for publication which are translated in our Company are often subject to an additional process, which is the organisation of the layout of the document. Our DTP Department deals with the graphic preparation of translated material and as a result our Clients receive a finished product and are then ready to achieve their business goals.

Examples of material for publication:
descriptions of food products
descriptions on the packaging of medicines
descriptions of cosmetics

Business translations

A significant proportion of the documents entrusted to us for translation are business documents. In such translations, it is not only accuracy and precision which counts, but also speed. Thanks to efficient translation project management, we assist our Clients in quickly and effectively achieving their business goals by translating a range of documents for the needs of their businesses. Our Clients often ask us to translate documents which they need to be ready “the day before”! And we are willing to undertake the most unusual and demanding tasks. Through our proprietary translation project management software, we are able to efficiently provide translations while maintaining the highest quality of output.

Examples of business documents:
cost estimates
business plans
business correspondence
commercial propositions

Content-related reviews

An additional process ensuring the highest quality of translation is the content-related reviews performed by the translator. This process is carried out by an expert translator in a particular field, who meticulously compares the translation with the source text and approves and improves it in terms of content and language.

Proofreading by Native Speaker

This service is offered to our Clients as a next step after the translation of the texts to be published, i.e. any texts in which the appropriate style and naturalness of the language used can have a real impact on achieving the desired business goals by our Clients. Proofreading by a Native Speaker consists of checking the translation without comparing it with the original. The aim is to smooth out the translation in linguistic terms so that the text sounds as natural as possible, taking into account the context and cultural conditions of the Native Speaker of the target language.
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Omero linguistic services have been helping companies to communicate effectively in multilingual global markets for more than 10 years by providing reliable and professional translations for companies operating in the industrial, financial and legal services, retail and life sciences sectors. Discover our client success stories. We appreciate them for placing their trust in us.


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