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Localisation has, in recent years, become an integral part of the development of international marketing strategies. Localisation services enable us to adapt your content to the specificity of the country or culture in which the product is to function. Unlike translation, localisation does not only involve translating your content from the source language into the target language, but also adapting the translated text to the cultural aspects or regulations of the particular language area. Every website and every market, has its own unique set of requirements.

At OMERO, we specialise in adapting on-line material - text, graphics, and other functional content - to the local language, bearing in mind the culture of the target market. By localising a culturally adapted website for our Clients, we enable them to reach their target customer base without any linguistic or cultural obstacles. We provide translations of both static and dynamic websites using HTML, SGML, XML, PHP, MySQL and Flash.

In addition to website localisation, we also provide software localisation services. It is a process of adapting software to the linguistic, cultural and technical requirements of the target market. This process is labour-intensive and often requires a great deal of time from the project teams.

At Omero we use the most modern localisation tools, allowing us to carry out the most demanding projects.

We have translated millions of words
Omero linguistic services have been helping companies to communicate effectively in multilingual global markets for more than 10 years by providing reliable and professional translations for companies operating in the industrial, financial and legal services, retail and life sciences sectors. Discover our client success stories. We appreciate them for placing their trust in us.


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