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Unlike translators of the written word, interpreters provide real-time interpretation of spoken language. Such interpretation requires from the interpreter not only in-depth knowledge of a particular issue, but also awareness of the cultural differences between the recipients of the translated languages, together with excellent soft skills, such as the capability to concentrate for a long time, the ability to understand and develop mental shortcuts, and the ability to interpret immediately. It is the job of interpreters to ensure that business meetings run smoothly, as if all participants are speaking one language.

Our interpreters are professionals with many years of experience. We cooperate with the best interpreters in Poland and select the right interpreters for business meetings.

We are able to meet the most unusual and demanding interpretation needs of our Clients. We have experience in interpreting from medical audits, conferences, and business meetings, to the repeated posting of interpreters abroad - from several days of business interpreting to several months of factory visits to interpret on training courses in the United States.

Simulaneous interpretations

This type of interpretation is mainly used during multilingual conferences.

Translation takes place in real time simultaneously with the words being spoken by the speakers. The interpreter doing the interpretation is in a booth and the interpretation itself is provided by 2 interpreters. The speaker’s speech can be interpreted simultaneously into several languages, and the recipients of the interpretation listen to it through headphones. Simultaneous interpretation, which takes place at the same time as the speakers’ speeches, does not extend the duration of the conference, which is an unquestionable advantage, especially during all-day events.

Consecutive interpretations

This is the second type of interpreting, performed during business meetings, speeches, business talks, negotiations, and all kinds of meetings and conferences, but without the use of a booth or specialist equipment. Interpretation takes place immediately after the speaker’s speech, who takes breaks in his/her speaking every few sentences in order to enable the interpreter to interpret into the language of the listeners. In the case of consecutive interpreting, there is a possibility of interaction between the interlocutors. When planning to organise events with the participation of a consecutive interpreter, Clients should be aware that consecutive interpretation extends the duration of the events.

Whispered interpretations

This is a form of simultaneous interpretation without the use of specialised equipment. During such interpretation, the interpreter interprets the speech to a small audience in an undertone, without having to interrupt it. Whispered interpretation is often used in situations where a small number of people do not speak the language spoken by most participants in the meeting.

Certified interpretations

This is a form of consecutive interpretation which is performed by a sworn translator/interpreter. This type of interpretation is most often used when signing notarial deeds, contracts, submitting documents in offices, courts and other institutions requiring the presence of a sworn translator/interpreter. During such interpretation, in addition to the traditional interpretation, the interpreter might also certify documents prepared during the meeting with a signature and a stamp.
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